Our Database Marketing Service is a service that provides customers with customized databese environments with respect to visual related contents that will support customers in solving their unique problems by analyzing their own data.

Visual related contents are used in various areas of media, such as video, DVD, television broadcast and broadband, so it goes without saying that marketing methodology differs according to the area where the contents are used. In the same way, utilization of market data will also depend on the media arena.

We at Fieldworks create a environment where customers can analyze data according to their unique needs, by merging individual customer data with the basic data that we provide.

We can also send out generic market analysis reports utilizing this same environment.

Values of a Costomized Databese Environment

Customized Database System Overview
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Our Customized Database Environment offers the following values:

  • Usage of a catalog master with IDs for titles, names of people involved, company names etc. of visual related (mostly movie) contents (catalog master linkage to allcinema ONLINE).
  • Fieldworks unique analysis methodology (tie up with Gotoh Research Department, Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Science).
  • Formulation of projections and provision of market data that involves even undisclosed one to the public.
  • Customization to enable original analysis of client original data and public data.
  • Coordination of partnerships with other companies in the contents industry; ranging from movie distribution companies to TV stations; based upon our industry wide communication network;.
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